zavod in turistična agencija za dostopni turizem

Social entrepreneurship

Institute for counselling, promotion and development of accessible tourism “Premiki” follows the principles of social entrepreneurship since establishment in 2010. Our basic principles are a non-profit business, corporate social responsibility and employment of persons with disability.

Accessible tourism as our main business is related to our strong belief that everyone – regardless of the physical or mental limitations – is able to spend holidays of their own choice and desire. We operate as a travel agency with a suitable offer, we make certification of accessible tourism facilities “Disability friendly” and we provide trainings about accessible tourism for employed in tourism industry.  Founder of the Institute Premiki, Slovenian Association for Mental Health ŠENT received for development of Premiki award for innovation with the Erste Foundation Award (2009) and in 2011 prestigious Ulysses award by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations.

We believe that social entrepreneurship is responsible work that is not measured only in numbers, but rather in a positive impact on the daily lives of each of us. With the purchase of airline tickets, booking holidays or deciding to let a tourist facility qualify for a certificate “Disability friendly ”, you add to a more pleasant and accessible world.